Dick Hubbard reacts poorly to comments on a NZ Herald website

This message is doing the rounds. My understanding is it was a message left on Cameron Brewer's cellphone after he made the following rather innocuous comment on the Herald's website asking for comment on the huge sums being spent on Queen Street upgrade.

[quote]Cameron Brewer (Newmarket)

This week it's been revealed that $5 million has been spent on consultants for Queen Street and now nearly half a million on Nikau Palm trees. Here in Newmarket, we are paving the length of Broadway with beautiful Timaru Bluestone as well as new plantings and furniture for $6m. The total cost of the Queen Street upgrade is more than seven times that. What's more the pain being inflicted on local businesses in Newmarket is considerably less. The Nikau palms may look nice now but won't the buses on the neighbouring buslanes, which may soon be built, choke them. It will hardly be akin to the fresh air of the West Coast that the Nikaus have so far thrived on.[/quote]

Listen to the audio.

A couple of things for Dick to ponder. Firstly in Newmarket the distance from the Roundabout at the start of Broadway to Mortimer Pass is 780 metres. Thus from Dick's assertions Queen Street from "K'Road to the bottom" must be 5.46km in length, unfortunately for the Mayor the distance is only 1.54kms from K'Road to Customs Street, not even double the distance of Broadway.

Next Dick says that Cameron Brewer has been mischevious with the facts about the spending, except Cameron Brewer got the figures from an OIA request that mayoral candidate Lisa Prager released to the public. Cameron Brewer is clearly telling the truth and Dick Hubbard is lying like a flat fish again.

Dick even tells another porkie when he basically says on the message that the $5 million was internalconsultants and engineers. Again if we look to his own comments in response to Lisa Prager we can see that Dick lies like a flat fish.

[quote]"The council hasn't had those staff in-house for 20 years."[/quote]

Dick, give up and stop being so sensitive to criticism of your failed council.