Dick makes a dick of himself

Boy oh boy the rumour mill has been working overtime today. If what I have been told by several attendees at Friday nights Indian Independence celebrations then Dick Hubbard is not only a rude guest but also sadly deluded.

Word has it that Mayor Dick stood up complete with his mayoral regalia to make the opening address to the gathered luminaries at the Black Tie function to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Indian independence.

When he spoke the cringing started. Apparently my sources tell me he launched into a tirade against John Key and it went something like this;

[quote]Mr Keys I note that you endorsed John Banks for mayor of Auckland at the National party conference, well I have news for you Mr Keys and it is all bad, this time next year it will be I who is the Mayor of Auckland[/quote]

Not only did he get John Key's name wrong but he was egregiously rude.

If this is true then it is truly rude and obnoxious to use the celebration of a sovereign nation's independence celebration to score cheap political points against your opposition. Clearly the pressure of the mounting momentum of John Bank's campaign is getting to poor wee Dick.