Dick on a Bus

Hubbard comes out fightingAuckland City Mayor Dick Hubbard says he will defend in his election campaign the controversial policy of raising the price of water to subsidise other council spending. Mr Hubbard said the new policy, to raise $280 million over… [NZ Politics]

Mayor Dick Hubbard is pissing off motorists now by plastering his awkward form all over the back end of buses in Auckland. He has also said he will be defending his councils massive rates rises, which is all good as far as I can see. This hypocrite was electected off of the back of crying about his mummy's horrendous rates rises which in retrospect look positively tiny compared witht he Hubbard Council rises of19.6 per cent in two years for Water bills, on top of overall rates rising 21.4 per cent in three years. Household rates specifically have gone up 32.7 per cent.

Ironically for a mayor who opposed billboards his campaign strategy is to annoy motorists with his ungainly visage on the back-end of busses that act as mobile billboards. I wonder, Dick, if you couldn't actually book any billboard space in Auckland after pissing off the owners of the same?

Hubbard said he would stand on his achievements which means he be standing in bare feet after achieving precisly nothing in three years except increased rates bills for the citizens.

Bizarrely Hubbard has also resurrected a light rail plan to run trains up Queen Street, for why one can only imagine? Imagine the mayhem as people have to learn how to do hook turns. Why do these plonkers only foucs on the great maw of a canyon that is Queen Street, Auckland city is much more than that and I look forward to a Mayoral candidate that can talk about the whole of the great city rather than a rather bleak and congested area. Anyway Dick, great plan to campaign on, motorists are already up in arms over the upgrades and congestion up Queen Street and now you are campaigning of more of the same and forever with bloody stupid trains running up Queen Street to K'Road???? Will it be called the "Hookers Express"?

In other campaign news I see Alex Swney is running full page ads in the Granny stating that he is the only candidate who hasn't failed at the job…..hah hum…what about your pathetic third place in Tamaki in 1999 for ACT? Alex hasn't failed at the job he just hasn't managed to convince enough people he would be any good at it at all. Anyway, not a bright strategy to slag off the people, one of whom, will be in charge of how much funding your organisation does or doesn't get next year.