Election money bill goes too far – PM

Election money bill goes too far – PMPrime Minister Helen Clark has conceded that Labour's proposals to tighten election advertising and campaigning rules may have gone too far, and she expects the controversial legislation to be changed by a select committee. The… [NZ Politics]

Has the Hollow Woman done a flip flop? have the focus groups warned Clark of pending electoral doom?

Nah, nothing so complicated, Labour is broke, they can't raise a sou and Burton has drafted the daftest bill to ever grace the prder paper. Labour's real reasoning behind this bill to to clamp down on all of National's potential donors whilst leaving theirs alone….ooops, Burton dropped the ball on that one. The second part of the strategy is to slip public funding of political parties in under the radar.

This must be fought at all costs. In a battle of ideas, if your ideas have no merit any longer then you will struggle to raise funds. Labour are struggling. Rather than adjust their ideas they have decided that we, the electorate, are all wrong and we should really be donating to them all along.

Further this law and now their subsequent cataerwauling about having gone too far shows the other lurking secret, that is to get John Key through smears, envy and personal attacks. It was Helen Clark that said on radio yesterday'

[quote]"The problem is if you're going to totally clamp down on anonymous donations – which I'd be very happy to see – you do need some quid pros quos,Because the Labour Party isn't led by me with a $50 million bank account."

She said the Labour Party had support from many people on low and modest incomes and "we are not in a position to just write large personal cheques".[/quote]

There you have it a clear allusion to John Key and his hard earned wealth andhow that is somehow bad and mustn't be tolerated. This law and now proposed amendments before the select committee show that Labour has perhaps the first time in history written a law not only to ulitmately benefit itself ahead of the rest of New Zealand but specifically targets the Opposition because the alleged size of its leaders bank balance. Taudry, cheap, nasty politics on behalf of labour, but hey what do we expect from them after 8 years of Hard Labour.?