Electoral bill no one wants

Electoral bill no one wantsThe bill overhauling the law around electoral funding is so bad that even those who want to support it are opposing it. The Coalition for Open Government, a strong advocate of law reform, has become an active critic – with a heavy… [NZ Politics]

Wow, Audrey has outdone herself, two artilces in one day slamming the EFB.

[quote]National Deputy leader Bill English is already making mileage out of the bill and this week wrote to more than 500 interest groups about the potential affects it could have on them. Labour has not made the case for such "draconian" reform. The real issue with the 2005 campaign was that while the Exclusive Brethren businessmen broke the law – with false declarations about who was publishing material – there was no effective enforcement of the law.

"The only problem we've had here is people who broke the law didn't get prosecuted," English said

"If you are going to write something so draconian you need to be quite clear about what the problem is, and the Government hasn't demonstrated that there is a problem with the law as it applies to third parties or individuals." The processes set out in the new bill to comply with the new election rules were so ridiculous that they would be broken all the time "wittingly and unwittingly".

If a National government had promoted the same bill "there'd be a riot out the front of Parliament by now. Just because Labour has done it, doesn't make it any more acceptable. It is just indefensible."[/quote]

And Bill is right, this Bill is indefensible, except by Labour lickspittles like Jordan, Sonic, Selma et al….who can see nowt wrong with the destruction of free speech in New Zealand.?