Electoral Finance Bill News

Overnight there have been some dramatic u-turns, volte-faces and flip flops from Labour.

Not surprisingly Herr Rottenfuhrer Carter has clearly been severly censured by the ninth floor over his EFB posting. He has flipped more than a circus acrobat. He has now bizarrely accused eminent blogger Lord Farrar of being Muldoon and Karl Rove in the same paragraph. The image of that is frankly frightening. Also he has the more cheek than a fat ladies bum to accuse National of stealing the election when we all know it was Labour and not National that over spent its allocation by $800,000.

In other news the government whisperers have had a wee word in the ears of the political pawns at RNZ and intimated that they are going to make some changes to the bill. The funny thing is the whispered proposed change actuaally opens up that which they wanted closed and that is the halting of the likes of the Brethren campaigning. The fools think they have helped the unions when in fact they have opened the door to the stable right open now. They have made a tragic bill worse now they may as well put it down.?

Bill English has commented on the absurdity of the whisperers campaign.

[quote]"Labour has utterly bungled this process. This bill still proposes a ridiculous year-long election campaign – when the Government will be able to bombard the public with unlimited taxpayer-funded advertising, while everyone else will face strict limits and conditions.

"The proper thing to do would be to withdraw this fatally flawed bill and produce an amended version with broad support from all parties.

"If that is the proper thing – expect Labour to do the opposite."[/quote]

Finally David Farrar pours the silly little lickspittle Jordan back into his bottle.

Oh, one last word. Well three actually.

Kill The Bill

PS an interested reader emailed me this.