Fran O'Sullivan: Reality bites Key now honeymoon over

Fran O'Sullivan: Reality bites Key now honeymoon overJohn Key's media honeymoon ended when Herald political editor Audrey Young blogged "I'm bloody angry with Key", deservedly "fisking" the National leader after he put out a press statement claiming she had misrepresented his position… [NZ Politics]

Fran O'Sullivan writes a very good article that largely explores key's strengths and weaknesses but the real interesting part is right at the end where she is the first MSM commentator to lauch into the Electoral Finance Bill and its anti-democratic proposls.

[quote]Clark's game is more immediate. While Key has been on the road the Prime Minister has cooked National's election goose with a legislative gerrymander in a dirty deal cooked up between Labour and the minor parties.

Clark had sworn to put an end to the anonymous trust funds and donors who funnelled cash to National at the last election (and Labour).

The "Hollow Woman" has now decided its all right – long after Brash's ousting – for political parties to be funded by secret donations from wealthy donors. Particularly hers.

But Clark's also ensured that the upcoming election fight will be on her territory.

The Electoral Finance Bill caps third-party expenditure at $60,000, attacks freedom of expression, and, makes it illegal for publishers to print advertisements campaigning against policies the Government backs without making onerous checks to ensure clients are within the law. It's an extraordinarily draconian attack on New Zealanders' democratic rights.

Labour has also constrained National's budget by making the defined election period 12 months out from polling day, basically putting both parties on the same financial footing.[/quote]

Wow, calling Clark the "Hollow Woman"!!! That is deserving of a Google Bomb which I will start. Hence forth I will also call Clark the Hollow Woman.?

The article is well thought out and a far cry from the shrill ranting of Audrey Young the other day.?