Garth George once again is completely right

Garth George: Weak, stupid responses to the evil of child abuse – 02 Aug 2007 – NZ Herald: Opinion

Garth George, so often written off as a silly old white man,nonetheless comes up with some amazingly accurate commentary of the ills of our society.

Today is no exception as he slams into the response to the torture of two kids by whanau in the Bay of Plenty.
[quote]The stupidity of the Government’s first initiative is almost incomprehensible. It proposes to have all women visiting public hospitals asked about family violence. What that hopes to achieve is beyond my grasp.

Acting Social Development Minister Steve Maharey says frontline health workers in hospitals will try to find out whether there is violence in a family and whether any kind of assistance can be given.

This is preposterous, and if those frontline health workers have a grain of sense they will not have a bar of it.[/quote]

There is plenty more of that sensible commentary.

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