Hardly a blunder Audrey, more like a slip of the tongue

Blog: Key blunders over which party he leads11:45: Yikes! As blunders go, it doesn't get much worse than the one John Key just made in his first speech to the National Party conference as party leader. "Under a Labour Government I lead, child abusers will be severely punished." The… [NZ Politics]

Audrey Young seems to be wearing her colours brightly on her shoulder now, and that colour is bright red. She had one little flick at Labour over Panty Slut-boy and since then she must have got the hard word from the sisterhood about where her loyalties really lay.

Audrey's "blog" postings have taken on a Jordan-esque quality style to them that doesn't become a supposedly respected member of the mainstream media.

Her latest blatherings is to cast a slip of the tongue by John Key a "blunder". Get a life FFS Audrey and lighten up.?