Hey!! DDP whackjobs, FRO

Ok, you guys have pissed me off, so here is my dime on Direct Democracy, BCIR or what ever you want to call it.

People who believe in "Direct Democracy" and "BCIR" are by and large are complete whackjobs. They stand for nothing and believe in nothing.

If you ask them a hard question they always say "Oh that is for the people to decide throug BCIR". What a complete cop out.

The DDP is a joke party run by a guy with serious delusions about his place in the world and backed up by a serial blog spammer. No party can be taken seriously when it endorses Neo-Nazi's in Christchurch, is led by a guy who founded and used to belong to a militia style organisation and in general pisses off everyone in the blogosphere.

The DDP and it members are marginalised wannabes and if their spamming up the blogs is their good idea of campaigning then they are doomed to counting their votes in tens.

I now have zero tolerance for any posting or party political broadcast from Kelvyn Alp or Steve Taylor or any other DDP spokes person.