HoS Editorial slams Electoral Finance Bill

Editorial: Law on election spending is affront to freedom of speech – 19 Aug 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The editorial from the Herald on Sunday pulls no punches.
[quote]It is hard to imagine a piece of legislation more ill-conceived or repugnant to the New Zealand version of democracy. It is ill-conceived because it hits big spenders and backyard single-issue battlers alike: the Exclusive Brethren’s campaign was sustained, as it transpired, by false declarations about who had authorised the advertisements – a clear breach of electoral law which required no legislative change to deal with it.

And it is repugnant because it means that small community groups – whose opinions are every bit as valid as those of big business or obscure and well-heeled religious sects – are caught by its scattergun blast.[/quote]

Yes indeed, ill conceived and repugnant, much like the government.

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