Is there a coup on in Labour?

Blog: Moore working towards Goff as new Labour leader?What's Mike Moore up to? Since being rolled from the Labour leadership by Helen Clark in 1993 he has been extraordinarily disciplined in refraining from public criticism of her in Opposition or in her seven and a half years in Government…. [NZ Politics]

Audrey Young blogs about Mike Moore's attack on Clark. It is quite unbelleivable reading. She is basically suggesting that there is a coup on and Clark is being lined up for the knife by Goff. Though not in so many words as that, but that is basically what she is saying.?

[quote]Clark is reportedly laughing it off. I don't believe it.

Moore may not have sway in the caucus any longer but he is still a popular and credible figure in New Zealand. And when a former leader with nothing to lose bags the incumbent, it cannot be laughed off.

Moore's breach of his own rigidly enforced discipline is not a joke gone wrong. It is part of a longer-term game.

It makes the Opposition's criticism of Clark more credible and it makes internal criticism of Clark a little easier to raise – when Goff's time comes.[/quote]

Time now to watch the whites of their eyes. There are games afoot and it will not be tiddlywinks.?