Isn't it wonderful what our tax dollars pay for?

A new program, WikiScanner, was developed by Virgil Griffith of the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico and posted this month on a website that was quickly overwhelmed with searches.

The program allows users to track the source of computers used to make changes to the popular internet encyclopedia where anyone can submit and edit entries.

So I did a search to see what workers at parliament are up to on Wikipedia.?

The person who uses seems to have an interest in Christian Polirics in New Zealand, Nandor Tanczos, Maurice Williamson, Salient magazine, and Gerry Brownlee. spends an awful amount of time editing NZ Cabinet but also has an interest in autonomous building, South Schleswig Voter Federation, Wilson Whineray, Hello Sailor, and fixed up some typos on Australian Constituional Law. doesn't seem to do any work remotely connected with parliament as they have edited Villa Farnese, The Misfits, Andrew Penn and Sam Wills. seems to enjoy coffee and spanish swear words. His edits include Ipoh White Coffee, Coffee Service, BCS Theory, Wayne Kramer, Endorphin, Ben Hana, Independent Film, NZ Parliament, Brunswick, Salient Magazine and a Spanish profanity (pendejo, which incidentally means pubic hair or anal hair. It may be translated as asshole in many situations, though it carries an extra implication of rank and willful incompetence) is by far and away the busiest little beaver in parliament on Wikipedia. They have been editing Will Oldham, Keith Locke, Operation Crusader, Googlezon, Neil Ritchie, Crusader Tank, David Bennett, Thomas Croke, Peter Hugh McGregor Ellis, Malvina Major, Sri Lankan Civil War, Peter Chanel, Herbert Lumsden, Charles Chauvel, Tim Selwyn, Darren Hughes, Anita Mcnaught, Politics of Germany, Darien Fenton, Claude Auchinleck, AUSA,numerous edits on St Peters College, Sacred Heart College, Epsom, Chris Carter, John Tamihere, Roncalli College, Sam Hunt, St Patricks – Silverstream, Tony Ryall, Mt Eden, Nandor Tanczos, Allan Peachey, 4th Infantry Division (India), Semovente 90/53, Alan Brooke, Mark Wayne Clark, William Gott, Ordanance QF 6pd, Bernard Freyberg, Ardenne Abbey, Italian 132nd Armoured Division Ariete, Gordon Copeland, Operation Sealion, Sticky Bomb, Battle of France, Neville Chamberlain, Athrur Coningham, Battle of Crete, Bill English. has an interest in Crusader Tanks, Panzer III and laude Auchinleck seems enamored with Blacker Bombard an anti-tank weapon.

What does all this tell us apart from staffers at aprliament have an electic taste in things on Wiipedia, well it tells us that there is still plenty of waste going on as these guys are all editing these entries, nit simply reading them. imagine if we could get all the reads of Wikipedia??