Jackson and Tamihere running for mayor

Jackson and Tamihere running for mayorTwo former MPs turned talkback hosts have entered mayoral races – Willie Jackson in Manukau and John Tamihere in Waitakere.
Promising to inject lively and colourful debate into campaigns for their cities, the pair are also highlighting…
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There should be some fun in the local body elections in Waitakere and Manukau with the announcement that Willie Jackson will stand for Mayor in Manukau and John Tamihere in Waitakere.

Dick Quax will be ecstatic over the introduction of Willie Jackson to the plethora of left leaning candidates from Len Brown down. That should nicely split the vote and let Dick pick up the Mayoralty from a disappointed Len Brown.

John Tamihere should give Bob Harvey a good run for his money and would bring a breathe of fresh air intoperhaps the most forgotten city in the Auckland region.

Meanwhile Georgina Beyer has changed his/her mind yet again and decidied to stand down from campaigning for Mayoress of Carterton.?