John Armstrong: Chest beating in the china shop

John Armstrong: Chest beating in the china shopViewed in isolation, the kerfuffle over Air New Zealand's ferrying of Australian troops part-way to Iraq is a passing political storm which has done nothing more than rattle the fine china tea cups at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For… [NZ Politics]

John Armstrong lets fly at labour MP's that are taking Dick Hubbard's firearms policy to heart. Phill Goof certianly did a Ready Fire Aim this week on the Air New Zealand non-issue.

[quote]With electoral defeat looming ever closer, Labour is shifting into survival mode, with trigger-happy ministers shooting first and asking questions later.

This was typified on Wednesday by Defence Minister Phil Goff letting fire with both barrels, firstly at Air New Zealand for flying troops into Kuwait, and then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for failing to alert ministers to a breach of Government policy forbidding any involvement with combat operations in Iraq.

Goff's deliberate front-footing was intended to ensure no one thought Labour might be turning a blind eye to how Air New Zealand made its money.

News of the charter flights had only just broken, however. Goff was flying blind. At that point, it was not clear exactly who should shoulder responsibility for the fiasco. As Michael Cullen admitted in Parliament the next day, Goff did not have all the facts to enable him to rush to judgment.[/quote]

Goff probably hasn't realised yet that he shot both feet off in the exchange of gunfire with himself.?