John Armstrong: Labour doesn't see the funny side

John Armstrong: Labour doesn't see the funny sideAsked if he was going to Sir Robert Muldoon's funeral, a National Party Cabinet minister, who must remain nameless, confided at the time that he would be there if only to satisfy himself that the lid of the coffin had been nailed… [NZ Politics]

[quote]Until yesterday, Helen Clark had been spared the headache of a former leader running amok. Of her more immediate predecessors, David Lange somehow managed to bite his tongue when he thought things were going awry, Sir Geoffrey Palmer has remained fiercely loyal to her, and Mike Moore, barring the occasional opinion piece, had seemingly closed the door on domestic politics.

Yesterday Moore chucked a rather large incendiary device through that door by claiming the Prime Minister's hounding of opponents echoed some of the worst features of Sir Robert's prime ministership.

Having made the explosive impact he had obviously intended, Mr Moore then suggested he was really "teasing" and being "humorous" in comparing Clark with Sir Robert.[/quote]

Oh and humorous it has and continues to be.?