John Armstrong: Pushing the self-destruct button

John Armstrong: Pushing the self-destruct buttonIs it a destructive mixture of fear and bravado coupled with blind panic which has driven Labour to turn what had been a slow-burning campaign to undermine John Key's credibility into a full-blown and foolhardy character assassination… [NZ Politics]

Labour is openly being mocked by everyone.

Heh one of John Armstrongs best lines is "How else to explain the behaviour of Pete Hodgson, the kamikaze pilot who forgot to pack his aircraft with explosives?"

The mocking is becoming merciless. The government is no longer governing they are reacting to an effective Opposition who are doing their job.

[quote]Like the junkie who is ever increasing the dose just to get the same hit,Labour's failure to get any bounce in the polls out of its anti-Key onslaught is seeing it scrape the bottom of the barrel even harder to turn up something, anything, it can chuck in the direction of National's leader.

Labour is not only courting a backlash, it is inviting one to crash through the doors.

That may be happening already, prompting Labour to belatedly pull back. Within 24 hours of his onslaught on Key, Hodgson issued a press statement insisting he was not attacking Key's personal integrity.

Yet his attack could not be interpreted any other way, given he was querying the validity of declarations Key had made on official forms submitted to the Companies Office and the Chief Electoral Officer.


Helen Clark must surely have to take some responsibility, she is supposed to be the leader after all, but how long she remains the leader is something we perhaps should be taking odds on.