King telling porkies again

Nats demand answers in speed ticket quotas row – 08 Aug 2007 – Political News – New Zealand Herald

Annette King told parliament that the Police do not have quota for speeding tickets and semantically she is right. In reality she is wrong and she bloody well knows it.

Evidence of quota has again come to light, this time from Christchurch where the Canterbury youth service coordinator John Robinson sent a memo ordering the 12 youth educators under him to each try to issue 80 tickets a year around schools.

King will again be asked in parliament about quota and she will again obfuscate and I will now tell you how they do it.

I attended a school camp with a recently promoted sergeant. When I asked about quota she laughed heartily and said sure they all have them for tickets but they aren’t called that. there is a requirement for all Police Officers to have “traffic safety interventions” with the public, in order to have such things and for them to be recorded a ticket must be issued. So by default there is a quota but not for tickets, rather it is for “interventions”.

This sergeant also told me that he/she doesn’t require it from his/her staff and doesn’t even bother doing them his/her self because he/she thinks it is a crock of shit.

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