Labour – Forget buying your State house we're against it

Labour – National's state house plan 'flop and sham'Labour says National's new policy of letting state house tenants buy their own homes was a "flop and a sham" because state house tenants could not afford to buy their own homes. Labour's Housing Minister, Chris Carter, yesterday… [NZ Politics]

In coming out against National's Housing policy Labour are really saying that they know best about where you should live and so they will not let you buy your state hoouse even if you can afford it after years of saving whilst in the state house.

Clearly Labour thinks that it is perfectly normal to stay ina state house for as long as you like with out even trying to better yourself by buying your own home, and when a party comes along offering a policy that allows people to do just that, they oppose it.

Nanny Statism is alive and well in New Zealand.?