Lickspittle performs death defying flip flop

Jordan is tragic. Not only is he a prissy little Helen sycophant, but he is prone to little tantrums quite frequently.

He strangely remains silent over egregious examples of poor governance on the part of his party's Ministers and then bursts into press in faux glee about a supposed "big mistake" by John Key on a Bill they had royally screwed themselves through arrogance.

Well first a little reality check for Ms Jordan Hissy-fit.

He first blogged about National and Key when they didn't support Complementary Medicines bill which included the amendments they had never seen and only been alluded to in a rather vague press release from Winston Peters. Jordan's outrage that the opposition opposed the Govt was hugeely entertaining.

Now all of a sudden and ably assisted by another prone to little hissy fits lately Jordan sees fit to criticise John Key for saying that if Labour bothered to present them with the amendments and if they say what he thinks they should say that they will now support it.?

That seems to be a major flip flop in his positions now doesn't it. Hypocrite.?

Labour of course could have avoided all this messy embarassing bollocks of mis-management of the house business if they stopped acting so bloody arrogant and born to rule all the time and actually consulted a little more widely than Winstons lap and Peter's bouffant.?

Labour will always spend more energy protecting themselves and denigrating the opposition than they do working on constructive policy. After a week when they lost a Minister that past his use by date and their Finance Minister was made to look a chump and the polls show they have lost Auckland the best labour can come up with is a Royal Commission that they haven't even thought about the terms of reference and personal slurs and attacks against John Key. Just have a look at how many threads Jordan has dedicated to denigrating National recently and nary a word about his own party's incredibly descent into farce.