Mayor fumes as council okays parade

Mayor fumes as council okays paradeAuckland City Mayor Dick Hubbard says the Boobs on Bikes parade is "morally repugnant", even more so because organiser Steve Crow is using it in his bid for the mayoralty. Mr Hubbard was speaking yesterday after the Auckland City… [Auckland News]

It is telling and an indication of how impotent Dick Hubbard has become that the parade he sought to? "move heaven and eart" to stop s in fact going right ahead, and this time it has an even longer parade route.

I wondered for a moment if Julie Chambers was going to goes sans top on the back of bike but she is obviously getting the message from the parsih council that cuddling up to Steve Crow isn't a good look.

I was going to check on the member but they still don't have a website up….some ticket that is huh??