Mayoral Art – Dick an embarrassment

The Mazda Art Works 2007 Art Exhibition and Events

As part of Mazda Artworks, each of the Auckland mayors featured were challenged to capture the essence of what makes their city or district special in a unique painting – all in the name of charity.

Some of the art works are actually quite good, in particular George Woods’, Mark Ball’s and Barry Curtis’ artworks.

Dick Hubbard though clearly thinks that what makes Auckland special is it is like a kindergarten and he was certainly “challenged” by this task.
[quote]This ?introspective? work illustrates the symbiotic relationship between place and people. People make a place, but equally a place makes people. The development of Auckland must reflect both sides of this relationship. An intrinsic part of the Auckland people/place picture is colour and vitality and energy ? this artwork has been constructed to reflect this.[/quote]

His “artwork” is an embarrassment along with his mayoralty. He even tries to be funny by signing the art Dick “McCahon” Hubbard in the crayon he used for the rest of his scribble.

As this is for charity have vote. By TXTing the surname of the Mayor you feel has produced the best work to 3622, you will automatically donate $3 (the full price of the txt) to Variety?s Gold Heart Scholarship Fund – helping talented Kiwi kids with special needs.

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