Moore has been 'talking nonsense' for years

Moore has been 'talking nonsense' for yearsThe Labour Party is unlikely to take any action to revoke the membership of long-time colleague Mike Moore, despite his public attack on Prime Minister Helen Clark this week.
Labour Party president Mike Williams yesterday said…
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Excuse me for laughing at bully boy Mike Williams' extreme hypocrisy.

[quote]Labour Party president Mike Williams yesterday said Mr Moore had "been talking nonsense for years", and the party had nothing against freedom of speech.[/quote]

Oh hardy har ha, they biffed Philip Field out of the party for saying less than Mike Moore did and if they have nothing against Freedom of Speech then what the fuck is the Electoral Finance Bill.

That bill is nothing but an attack against freedom of speech from beginning to end.

Mike Williams' rank hypocrisy sickens me.

Mike Williams is also a liar when he says "the party had not thrown out a member since about 1939." Short fucking memory or blatant lies, let's ask Philip Field if that statement is true.