More poll misery for the Government

The latest Roy Morgan Poll finds support for the National Party is up 1.5% to 50.5% ? matching its highest result since regular polling began and 11.4% above its 2005 General Election result.?

Conversely, support for Helen Clark?s Labour Government is at its lowest ever level: 31%, down 4%.

The Green Party vote is up 1% to 7%, while support for New Zealand First is 4% (unchanged).

Among the other minor parties: Maori Party 3% (unchanged); United
Future New Zealand 2% (up 1.5%); ACT New Zealand 1.5% (up 1%); and the
Progressive Party 0.5% (unchanged).

Electors were asked: ?If an election were held today which party would receive your party vote??

Labour and Clark especially will now be getting desperate and feral, watch for the attacks on John Key continue.?