My Vodafone Data bill hits the news

Computerworld > Roaming blogger lands a whale of a data bill

When I did my round Australia trip one of the things I checked was the data usage charges for using my Vodem. I thought I could manage the bill if i used the thing as little as possible and where ever possible use the motel internet connections of where we stayed. How wrong I was.

My bill was jaw droppingly expensive so I did a little research and found that Vodafone charges a massive premium of over 5900% and up to 12000% more than the same data but from an Australian customer. That seemed a little excessive to me.

To put it in perspective, if i borrowed $10,000 from the bank at 8.9% and then lent that money to someone else at 12000% interest that would be called usury.

These rates are unconscionable and cannot be justified by any means you care to use. The Commerce Commission will definitely be receiving a complaint and request to investigate.

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