Oh hahhahahahaha Labour caught supporting war in Iraq

Air NZ carried troops to Iraq, Goff confirms (+audio) – 15 Aug 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Air NZ raises govt ire over war charter | POLITICS | NEWS | tvnz.co.nz

This is actually bloody funny. Labour has just spent the better part of two weeks castigating John Key for his did/didn’t/doesn’t stance on the war in Iraq. they even compiled and posted several YouTube videos to support their contentions.

All of this was going on as they were busily letting the State airline carry troops to the war zone in support of combat actions.

Excuse me, I need to lie down the sides are splitting so much.

Who broke this story of their rank hypocrisy? Well none other than Ian Wishart again, New Zealand’s only investigative journalist.

Labour’s spin machine is set to flat out right now. The irony is delicious. the hypocrisy is supreme and the embarrassment is cataclysmic.

There will be much hand wringing amongst Labour’s leftist supporters, the Greens will be more po faced than usual and Keith Locke will be working himself into a massive tizzy. Winston Peters is already frothing at the mouth as technically this is his bag with the flights requiring MFAT approval. The Pompous Prat of Ohariu has of course pontificated in his best “I know best” way.

The bad news machine keeps on rolling for Labour, they best prepare themselves for another hit in the polls. I wonder if a Minister might resign over this debacle?

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