Oh my, Who is the left going to endorse in Auckland?

Colourful new face enters race for mayor – 07 Aug 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Alex Swney has finally declared his candidacy for the Mayor of Auckland.

That now poses a little problem for the left, who on earth do they endorse.

First up they have their existing Mayoral lickspittle, the Dick Hubbard. Helen's darling and useful idiot for Labour but now probably out of favour because of his constant flip-flopping.

Second is former Labour councilor Dr John Hinchcliff. He must surely be expecting some sort of endorsement, but is unlikely given his strange affliction of ignoring the issues.

That leaves Alex Swney. Why do I say he will be trying for the Labour endorsement and that of the left, well it is simple really. Why on earth would you declare to all an sundry that he is a lifelong Labour voter despite the fact that he came a poor third in Tamaki for ACT in 1999.

Perhaps he didn't even vote for himself. He clearly confirms my belief that ACT supports are invariably young or ex-Labour voters lost. So despite his apprent centre-right credentials Alex Swney is in fact a closet Labourite.

Steve Crow can be discounted as the resident joke candidate. He is only there so he can exercise his personal vendetta against Hubbard, and whilst there is nothing wrong with that Steve should really just stick with making Skin Flicks.

So there you have it, the left have a plethora of candidates that they need to endorse, whereas the Centre Right has Banksie.

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