Peak oil? Nah its all b.s. just like "Climate Change"

Bioengineers rebuilding bacteria to produce crude oil – gizmag Article

Oh i do love it when wowzers usually from the left wail on about “Peak oil”. I usually can’t be bothered writing copious amounts rebutting their foolishness like Insolent Prick did recently, rather I prefer to know that humans are incredibly intelligent and generally find solutions to difficult challenges.

This post from Gizmag is a case in point.

[quote]August 2, 2007 If you ever doubt the creativity of modern science, just throw a serious challenge at it and watch the myriad responses you receive. Rising oil prices and historical data are signifying that Hubbert?s ?peak oil? may be upon us, and the rush is on all over the world to find viable alternative energy sources to replace the dwindling crude that?s powered us into the technology age. But what if we could just ?grow? more oil? The deadly bacteria E. coli, might seem like an unlikely ally, but scientists in California are claiming they have successfully genetically manipulated the deadly bug and a host of other bacteria to produce pure hydrocarbon chains that can be processed into biofuels. In fact, they?re getting so good at it that they can coax the bacteria into producing a substance that?s exceptionally close to crude oil ? minus the sulfur impurities that taint the oil we pump out of the ground – and ready to be put through a standard refinery to produce petrol, diesel, jet fuel or any other petroleum product. There?s also talk of other, far more pure and powerful fuels that need no further refinement before they go to the pump. Could the next great oil barons be bug farmers?[/quote]
Peak oil like Climate change is bollocks, a socialist conspiracy if you will, designed to further control populations of supposedly enlightened peoples.

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