PM distances Labour from mayoral row

PM distances Labour from mayoral rowPrime Minister Helen Clark denies Labour is backing Dick Hubbard as its candidate for Auckland mayor and says she has no knowledge of claims that Labour Party figures are pressuring candidate John Hinchcliff to step out of the race.
[NZ Politics]

One has to wonder who is actually in charge of the Labour Party right now. We used to get endless gushing comment about how in control and on top of everything the Bilious Bitch was. Now all we hear from her own un-photoshopped and exceedingly thin lips is how much she doesn't know.

She didn't know anyting about Mallards smears in parliament, she didn't know about any strategy to smear Key and now she has no knowledge that key Labour figures are pressuring John Hinchclifffe to stand down in the Auckland Mayoralty race.

the question has to be asked, who exactly is in charge of Labour today??