The back down has started

Just Left: If I were on the Justice and Electoral Committee

Jordan whilst on his sojourn to Belgium has decided to post a little missive about the draconian Electoral Finance Bill.

Now one would expect Jordan to take up where he left of with the statement in his previous post about this anti-free speech bill, where he said “Anyone who opposes it in substance is essentially saying, “I want New Zealand to retain electoral finance laws that mean elections can be bought by the people with the biggest wallets”, but no Jordan has started the official “we wuz only joking” explanation of the how to change the bill to try to make it more palatable.

If Herr Rottenfuhurer Jordan, well known lickspittle, toady and apologist of the Labour Party has decided that the bill need serious changes it can only be days away from Clark deciding to pull the bill.

that remains my position. Kill the Bill.

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