Tony Milne in the shit

Parker attacks '2021 smear campaign' – Christchurch News – The Press

We warned you Tony, didn't we. But did you listen? Oh no and now it has has landed you right in the poop so to speak.

Gee, and to think it was me that preserved his appalling comments he tried so desperately to hide.

Bob Parker linked to that posting in his outing of Slippery Tony's falsehoods.

Try and lie and spin all you want Tony, you were caught well and truly with your britches down. Simply deleting the post on the orders of Fat Megan doesn't get you off the hook.

Oh and BTW Bob! Offensive to you though this blog maybe it has thousands of loyal readers for the exact reasons you so despise. This is a political blog that calls things how they are not "holding hands and singing with the teletubbies". Harden up and get a grip, pal!

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