Toxic shit fight at Frog Blog

frogblog ? Election finance reform spin

Russel Norman put up a post at Frog Blog and promptly started copping flak from erstwhile members and opponents likewise.

It is not often that I agree with Phil U, in fact I can’t remember a single instance, however Phil is probably one of the more principled supporters of the left in that he really, really does believe what he says and stands up for it unwaveringly. Anyway i agree with almost everything that Phil U has been saying on the thread and DPF also sticks in his views. Here is an example of Phil’s over punctuated but nevertheless accurate comments;
[quote]you are trying to regulate ?ideas?/ideals russel..

and do you have some deep-seated fear of the lack of potency of your/green messages/arguments..?

that leaves you so impotent in the face of rightwing bullsh*t..?

that you want/plan to regulate to close that chatter/?free-speech? down..?

(yet..all the while doing absolutely nothing about the rivers of anonymous monies that flow into/influence the main political parties..?..

do you have aspirations of diverting a little stream of that river flowing the way of both labour annd national..

towards the greens..?

for the life of me..i cannot see any other some craven obesience to the labour party leadership..?

and um..!..have any ?off-the-record? promises been made to you/the greens in exchange for support..?

y?know..ministerial positions..?

the gold rings at the top of that slippery pole you have been sliding up and down for ..quite some time no avail..

we could understand the temptations..

(but hey..!..psstt!!..the election..?..credibility..?..)

there?s ?the rub?[/quote]

Russel tries valiantly to defend the indefensible but is on a hiding to nothing supporting this anti-democratic dog’s breakfast of legislation.

Good on Phil U for defending free speech so vociferously, I may have to buy him a beer.

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