Well this is a good suggestion

Accept help or lose dole – Stuff.co.nz

The Government has welcomed the Rotorua mayor’s suggestion that beneficiary parents must contact welfare agencies to collect their money.

Now I think this has merit, but I can’t help wondering what the government’s response would have been had National suggested it. You can imagine the press releases pouring forth and Jordan’s whining about it being sad to see National attempting to bash beneficiaries again and it being a “political statement, a dog whistle to the middle class about “beneficiaries who are gobbling your tax dollars” while they bash their kids.

Oh wait he already did that about National’s work for the dole policy…..to use Jordan’s own words, this will be dressed up with “snuggly nice rhetoric about helping people out of poverty, etc, but the reality is simply demonstrated by the” fact that Maori are over represented in the “bashing your kids” statistics.

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