Whaleoil Workouts 3 – Back and Traps

Ok this workout is another difficult one and not for sooks or pussies. This is my usual Back and Traps workout and what i did this morning.


Lat Pull Down

1 x set of 15 at 200lbs

1 x set of 12 at 225lbs

1 x set of 10 at 250lbs

1 x set of 8 at 275lbs

1 x set 8 at 300lbs (that is the full stack)?

Cable Row

1 x set of 10 at 200lbs (that is the full stack)

1 x set of 10 at 200lbs plus a 10kg weight

1 x set of 10 at 200lbs plus a 15kg weight

1 x set of 10 at 200lbs plus a 20 kg weight?

Dumbell rows

4 sets of 10 each arm of 40kgs?

Ok that is you back sorted, now onto traps.

Only two exercises here.

Standing Shrug

4 x 10 of 200kgs?

Lever Gripless Shrug?

4 x 10 150kgs?

Warm down with 20 minutes on the bike.

By now after three days your legs should be a mass of pain and still full of blood. Ocaissonally they simply give up the ghost usually when you are walking. You chest should be tight and screaming and by tomorrow your back will hurt as well, the good news is your legs will start to feel less sore.?