Whoopsy looks like the Labour good news wagon has lost a wheel

Car firms warn of biofuel fire risk – 02 Aug 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Oh the ribs are hurting again this morning. Just when Labour thought it had some good news to crow about, John key’s supposed slip up and the release of a new biofuel to help Labour’s woeful credibility on environment issues, it all blows up in it’s face less than a day later.

The wonderful new fuel has attracted a warning from car makers that the fuel could make cars explode, especially cars imported before 2005.
[quote]It was greeted by an immediate warning from the Motor Industry Association that up to a million used cars imported from Japan should not use it. And the Automobile Association said it could cause damage that might invalidate a car’s warranty.[/quote]

So here was Helen getting her hideous mug plastered all over the news as she pumped a potential disaster into the fuel tanks of kiwi cars. I bet that wiped the smile off of her photoshopped face.

BTW more than half of NZ cars are used imports and shouldn’t use the new fuel.

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