Winston tossed from the House, Labour loses it attack poodle

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Finally Winston got tossed from the house, and it couldn’t have happened at a worse time for the government, right in the middle of ongoing questions to Mark Burton about his draconian and anti-democratic law.

Labour have always relied on Peters to do some of their heavy hitting but today he went too far.
[quote]Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I refer you to Standing Order 371(1)(c) and ask you to reflect on that question. I think you will find that the entire content of that question breaches that particular Standing Order.

Madam SPEAKER: Yes. I rule the question out of order.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. Seeing as the people raising the protest?namely, the front bench of the National Party?were not then part of the process, as they were not then on the front bench of the National Party, how can they argue against my word? I was there and they were not. So, Madam Speaker, with respect, I think you are wrong to rule me out of order.

Madam SPEAKER: You may well do. Would the member please be seated.

Hon Bill English: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. We have now had four or, I think, five interventions from the member, none of which has been a point of order. I know that this puts you in a difficult situation, because he calls or a point of order then gets up and makes a speech, but I would suggest that because you have discretion over the call, you have the ability not to take the member?s call if he continues to abuse the process. I do not really care what he says, but no member should be able to use the point of order mechanism as a way of making a series of speeches. That has happened, and I would be interested to know what action you intend to take to ensure that it does not continue, or we could be here all afternoon listening to the same speech over and over again.

Madam SPEAKER: I thank the member. His point has considerable force. I tell all members in this House?several of whom on other sides of the House have also raised similar points of order that are not points of order?that I will not take any further points of order on this issue. If points of order are raised, I will be asking the member who raises them to leave the House.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker.

Madam SPEAKER: On this matter?

Rt Hon Winston Peters: I seek to raise a point of order that is new, and I think I am entitled to put it. It is simply that you ruled my question out of order, and I am asking now whether I can ask the question in a different way.

Madam SPEAKER: I gave the member that opportunity and he abused it. I gave the member an opportunity to rephrase his question to bring it within the Standing Orders. You get one chance. I used my discretion to do that, to assist the member. You do not get another chance to do so.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. There is nothing in the Speakers? rulings or the Standing Orders that suggests that just because someone protests at the truth, and feels personally upset by it, the truth is ruled out of order. I used the phrase ?the National Party?, and I was talking about a front bench of the National Party of which not one member there was a member.

Madam SPEAKER: Would the member please be seated?[Interruption] No, would the member please be seated. And leave the Chamber. The member has challenged my ruling. I explicitly said we would have no more on that issue. I have ruled on it, and the member is now creating disorder in this House.

Rt Hon Winston Peters withdrew from the Chamber.[/quote]

This exchange also had Nick Smith hollering at Peters “Stop living in the past old man” hehe

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