Xero Rocks

Xero | Online Business Accounting Software

I have sold quite a few Business Accounting systems in my time from major ERP systems down to thin client deployed solutions from MYOB to Exonet. They all have their good and bad points, mostly bad points in my opinion. I have actually run businesses on most of these systems and also deployed Data warehousing solutions for the same systems on platforms ranging from PC’s to AS/400’s and MVS mainframes.

So why am I wanking on about what I have done, well because I have just spent today setting up the accounts system for my missus on Xero.

So what? Well this system rocks. I wish it had been around when I was running one of the largest security companies in Auckland, I wish it was around when i set up the systems for around 20 other companies. I am yet to find a major fault with the system and only a couple of niggling little annoyances that are probably related to my ignorance of the system rather than any design flaw.

It is intuitive to use and yet not so simple you feel like you are using a dumbed down version of something else. It beats the pants off of MYOB and it slays Exonet for usability.

The reporting functions and GST functions rock, it provides everything reporting wise straight out of the web so to speak and I can not for the life of me find anything that would need customising. It would suit almost every small to medium business.

The funny thing these days is the world has moved to what I was trying to sell around 2000 when deploying Thin client delivered software as a service solutions. Except of course the applications these days are delivered even thinner.

For example almost every software solution that I used to use deployed from CD onto a laptop or desktop I now use from web providers that either provide them free or nearly free or like Zero as software as a service, kind of a pay as you go software service. I use Gmail for email, haven’t touched Outlook for years and will never ever use it again, I use Google Docs for Documents, Spreadsheets and now presentations, and at last a truly powerful SME business accounting package delivered through the web. I can see a great future for Xero and when they add payroll functions whioch i am sure are in the pipeline then it will be the complete solution.

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