Are you prepared to pay more to save the planet?

Are you prepared to pay more to save the planet?The Government's environmental carbon emissions trading scheme will include help for people on low incomes to cope with the electricity price rises that will follow.
Prime Minister Helen Clark yesterday said the trading scheme,…
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If Labour thinks it is onto a winner with it's new tax on living environment policy intiatives then the Herald opinion page is going to be teeth grinding reading.

Giving rebates to the so-called poor won't help them one little bit, in fact it will drive the middle more firmly into National's warm embrace. people will start to consider whether the poor are in fact pulling their own weight or weighing us all down.

I for one don't believe that paying a tax for "polluting" is going to solve anything other then enrich the government further. Please explain how higher electricity prices and petrol prices will "save the planet" and from what?