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Not PC: Oops! NASA has lost Wellington

I go to Peter Creswell’s blog every day. I’m not into architecture or art but I am interested in liberterianism and definately on the same page as him with respect to the global hoax we are all being subjected to in AGW, Climate Change or whatever bullshit name you want to give to lies, obfuscation and horse-shit.

Today Peter has got one of the warmists fair and square. The warmist is James Hansen and without any fear of contradiction he is a liar. basically he makes shit up as Peter has shown with a neat little graph where NASA hasn’t recorded any data since 1988 and when you add NIWA’s data for the same site since then shows temperatures dropping despite the best efforts of politicians to warm the place up. That of course didn’t matter to Hames hansen who pulled 19 years of data out of his sphincter.

His second great post is about the Viscount Monckton interview on Leighton Smith’s show this morning. Now, I have been meaning to blog on this but got caught up bashing Hubbard. I actually heard this interview live and nearly ran off the road twice laughing so much as his rapier wit and decimation of the “ludicrous” path this country has set itself upon.

Not PC: Christopher Monckton: Clark/Key cap-and-trade scheme “ludicrous”

This bullshit system that Labour has cooked up and I might add National for some strange reason is supporting has been tried twice in Europe. Twice it has failed in a spectacular fashion. Carbon Credits in those two failed markets currently trade and cents not Euros and far off the pulled from their arse figures for Carbon Credits.

I wish that more politicians, including fools like Nick Smith. I pray to the Lord that he would just educate himself and other in national would do the same.

I am not a Climate Change Denier. Quite the contrary, I believe that climate changes all the time. We should be worried if it didn’t change.

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