Back in Auckland after short trip to Wellington

I just had two days in Wellington. Ostensibly to attend a certain well known bloggers birthday party.

It was an excellant night especially taking the piss out of either ex-politicians, current politicians or pompous prats, all three of which attended the party, but hey David is far more polite than me.

The best slam on a current politician was on Brian Donnelly. I can't believe this fool used to be a school teacher. He walked into where the food was and asked what was on one particular plate…it was clearly and obviously chicken wings, but since he asked a dumb question I gave him a dumb answer. I said it was lamb cutlets. He looked over and then said good he'd try some, then the fool said that the lamb cutlets tasted like chicken. Well I nearly spate my wine out with laughter.

There was another guy there trying desperately to chat up a friend of mine, I know he was trying to get in her knickers when he started wanking on about how he has three motorbikes, a BMW motorbike, a blah, and a blah, oh and i also drive a Maserati.

Well, I think I must have had some sort of temporary Tourettes syndrome because because I immediately said to him he must have a tiny cock then, to which he rather too quickly replied that actually he had a medium sized cock!!!. He must have heard that line before of he retorted that quickly, and who ever says they have a medium sized cock…..only people with tiny cock's would say that.

It was a vertiable who's who, bloggers, sychophants, polticians, ex-politicians, even Audrey Young who looks as bad as her photo. One particular ex-politician who I have zero tolerance for is Roger Sowry. He rates himself so much and it was only deference to David that I didn't slam him while I was there, though i would have dearly liked to. How he sleeps at night I can't imagine, not only did he lose twice to Judy Keall but also to some orange guy who also happened to be there. Darren Hughes is orange, I mean it, even his skin is orange, he make rooms glow and it isn't because of his personality. Anyway Roger Sowery lost to Judy Keall and to the Orange man so one cannot have much respect for him.

In all a great night, thanks David for the invite.