bFM News – Dick Hubbard continues to dig his own grave

Dick Hubbard doesn't know when to stop digging.

He has continued to make an arse of himself over the length of Queen Street vs. Broadway.

He also had a whinge that Cameron Brewer had submitted the voicemail to the "John Banks Campaign Site". Thanks Dick, I know I am popular but not that popular.

For "The Dicks" information, This is not a campaign site for John Banks, nor did Cameron Brewer post anything on this site, the voicemail was recorded by YOU, and I received it on my cellphone from someone else who isn't Cameron Brewer or John Banks.

I posted it because you sounded like a dick and now I post these recordings from bFM because you continue to sound like a Dick.

Oh and Dick ask your fricken surveyors for the correct details about Queen Street and Broadway, fool.