Bill Ralston: Height of barking madness

Bill Ralston: Height of barking madnessParliament is often a fairly crazy place, but this week some of its inmates appear to have scaled new heights of barking madness. There was the truly surreal sight of Gordon Copeland, Bishop Brian Tamaki, his party "co-leader" Richard… [NZ Politics]

Yahoo!! Bill Ralston is no longer hiding in management he is writing columns.

He gets into the new so-called united Christian Party, Helen Clark, Annette King, Ruth Dyson and the Accident Compensation Corporation all in one brilliant column.

I like this bit the best;

[quote]I have formed my own Church of the Holy Elector, I wish to be known henceforth as Cardinal Bill, and I am resurrecting a party I have tried to launch before. It is called the Tick Here Party. I am confident that more than 5 per cent of New Zealanders are stupid enough to tick a box labelled Tick Here and I fully expect to be in Parliament by the end of next year.[/quote]

Heh, That would probably work, might even give it a go.?