Bob Parker copping a flogging on line and real life

YouTube video and poster vandals attack Parker – The Press – Elections 07

Bob Parker is the victim of a organised campaign to paint him, literally in the case of his signs, Side Show Bob.

Now as a bit of a video freak myself I commend the “pegasusboys” for their use of Youtube in political attack, right on.

Unfortunately for Bob Parker he doesn’t get it when he says that “The video is well made and must have cost a bit of money to churn it out … It is a sad day.”

Actually Bob the video cost nothing to make except time. These days, especially if you have a Mac and some quality software you can make professional video for almost next to nothing. This video was not done by a professional but was reasonably well put together for a first one.

He is right though when he says “We are heading towards US-style politics where anything goes and you can say anything you like about people. This marks a new level in politics in this country and it is not a healthy level,”

Why isn’t it healthy Bob, if you said one thing and did another you rightly deserve everything you get. There is no place for hyppocrisy and with the new media operating if you do you will cop it. So either harden up for get lost.

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