Brian Rudman: Dying in a ditch over doomed stormwater tax

Brian Rudman: Dying in a ditch over doomed stormwater taxPlans by Auckland City to pad retail water bills to pay for stormwater improvements have already cost veteran City Vision team leader Dr Bruce Hucker the deputy mayor's job and his place on the left-leaning ticket. Now, thanks to… [Auckland News]

Brian Rudman gets into Hubbard over the report from parliament over his councils mis-leading of the public over its water policy.

[quote]But not even Dr Hucker's ugly fate was warning enough for Mr Hubbard. Obdurate to the bitter end, he is now left to take the local government select committee's medicine alone. The policy, say the parliamentarians, is "not acceptable" and they "strongly advise" Auckland City Council to reconsider it.

As I've already pointed out, Mr Hubbard excepted, the committee is preaching to the converted. The two main tickets, City Vision and Citizen and Ratepayers, both now see the errors of their earlier ways. Mr Hubbard's main rival for the mayoralty, former mayor John Banks, is also opposed.

Which leaves poor old Mr Hubbard, caught alone in the headlights like a trapped possum. If ever there was a time to scurry off, it would be now. After all, win or lose the upcoming election, he's never going to get enough votes to resurrect the scheme. But, suicidally, he's decided to come out fighting anyway, muttering darkly about political motivation behind the inquiry, as though that was the point.[/quote]

Hubbard is about to join the long list of one term mayors and his council and legacy will be one of ignominy. All Banksie has to do now to win is to say and do nothing. Hubbards one remaining supporter (Perky Pinky) no doubt will be commenting here later about howterrible it is that everyone is picking on such an inept fool.