Burton has more spin than an Indian Cricket team

Burton blasted over electoral bill 'spin'National has accused Justice Minister Mark Burton of falsely representing the Electoral Finance Bill in a letter he has written to community organisations to placate them about the controversial legislation.
Deputy leader Bill…
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Mark Burton has been relentlessly spinning his poorly convceived bill but has been caught out basically tell mistruths about the intentions of the Electoral Finance Bill.

[quote]Bill English said Mr Burton had written a letter telling community groups the bill did not restrict their ability to play an active role in public debate in an election year "when the bill makes them register for the Chief Electoral Officer as a third party, spend no more than $60,000 from January 1 of an election year, nominate a financial agent, hire an auditor, send in a return showing expenses and donations, and get audited under certain circumstances".

"Why did he misrepresent the bill so completely in his letter?" he asked.[/quote]

Breathtaking lying by an incompetent minister is what that is. He didn't even front in parliament and sent in Steve Maharey to answer the tough questions.