Colin rips into "The Burton"

Colin Espiner's Blog on

"The Burton" has caused major embarrassment and ongoing for Labour.

Colin Espiner blogs about this fool particularly his performance over the Electoral Finance Bill.

[quote]The hapless Burton?s handling of the Electoral Finance Bill has been woeful. Even allowing for the fact that the legislation is one of the worst bills ever to come before this Parliament, and is virtually indefensible, Burton has done a poor job of defending it.
His struggles in Parliament to combat National deputy leader Bill English?s searching questions on the intricacies of the bill have become a daily embarrassment for Labour. Burton swings from bluff to bluster, denying the bill will close down legitimate criticism in election year one minute and gloating that it will prevent the Exclusive Brethren from ?buying? the result the next.
With no real apparent grasp of what the bill actually says, Burton has been humiliated more than once by English – such as the day recently that English published his questions to the minister in advance, in the hope that it would give Burton more time to come up with some decent answers.[/quote]

Burton is a gonner, embarrassing the Dear Leader is unforgivable.

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