Dick Hubbard: Website review

After posting a couple of photos from The Dick's website some astute and very observant readers have called me up with the following observations about the site.

  • It appears that in every photo "The Dick" is wearing the same suit, shirt and tie, which leads onto one of two possible conclusions. Either "The Dick" only has one suit and one tie or he hasn't done anything three years except run around on one day getting photos for his website.
  • The Mayoress certainly and the Mayor possibly don't believe in wearing seatbelts.
  • When there are two workers the correct word to describe them is "workmen" not "workman". (bottom row, second from left)
  • Newmarket is one word not "New Market" (bottom row, extreme right)
  • You might find that The Kiwi Income Property Trust might not like being called the "delelopers" of Sylvia Park.(second row, second from left)
  • The "Listening Mayor" can't get a word in edge-ways because his bloody wife is hogging the conversation. (second row, third from left)
  • Does the Mayoress have only one suit as well?
  • When the "The Dick" chose his website developer he clearly wasn't keen on supporting Auckland business for the work.
  • "Almost finishing" and "commitment to start" and "commitment to examine" and "almost complete" do not constitute achievements.
  • What exactly does this mean? "Helped preserve the historic nature of Maungawhau by leading its restoration and reconditioning Mt Eden"
  • "Working with Metro water to accelerate the sewage separation programme" Hello!!!! You agreed the let them keep dumping for six more years.

Overall a 2/10 for a crap website from a crap mayor.