Dick Quax accuses council of political meddling

Scoop: Quax accuses council officials political meddling

Fresh from accusations that there is considerable political meddling happening in Auckland City we now have a leading mayoral candidate accusing the Manukau City Council of running meddle-some radio ads during the election process.

Manukau City Council has run a radio advertising campaign that has the potential to invalidate this year’s local body election in Manukau. The advertisements have been playing on two Auckland youth radio stations claiming “having things like free youth events could change depending on who gets voted on to our local council”.
[quote]”It’s an example of Council officer activism that I have been fighting against for the last two terms on Council. People elect Councillors to represent them and this is being overridden by bureaucrats who have taken it upon themselves in an endeavor to influence the political process”.
“Our democratic processes are important to us and the very idea that people who are paid by the rate payer interfering in that process by pushing a political line should not be tolerated”.[/quote]
This could get very interesting especially if the elections are ruled invalid as a result.

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