Election Winning Strategy Lesson #2

Household rubbish tax will bag Govt $30m a yearA new rubbish tax on households and companies is virtually a certainty as Labour continues its environmental push by working with the Greens on legislation to reduce waste.
The Greens and Labour revealed yesterday they had agreed…
[NZ Politics]

The government seriously needs a new strategist.

Let's review what they are going into election year with as strategy.

  1. Increased Petrol and electricity prices so we can all feel great that we are doing our bit for the environment.
  2. Banning free speech in election year

And now add to their brilliant "this'll drag the punters in" policy kitbag a new rubbish tax to whack us all with. The Greens and Labour must be reading different polls from the rest of us or their pollsters are doing a classic Dilbert and presenting the graphs upside-down.

A quick check of the Herald online poll, I know, I know, far from scientific but a gauge nonetheless of public opinion. Kets see what the voters say about a Rubbish Tax.

Yep, certainly looks like a vote catcher to me, at least it will be for National.Can't wait for the next poll.