Garth George: National puts paid to 'Labour lite' label

Garth George: National puts paid to 'Labour lite' labelAt last the National Party has done something to differentiate itself from Labour and to put paid once and for all the epithet "Labour Lite" which has been applied to John Key and his team by some of our less perceptive political… [NZ Politics]

Garth George has a very good article in today's Herald.

He climbs into Labour and especially Dear Leader in a big way over their dogmatic socialist mind control attitudes.

[quote]If there is anything this country needs in its politicians after nearly eight years of Labour-led Government, it is open-mindedness. What a breath of fresh air that would be.

For all its time in government the Labour leadership has exhibited a rigid ideological dogmatism which has grown more and more impenetrable the longer it has been in power.

And along the way this dogmatism had infected much of the populace to the extent that borders on brainwashing, because people in general don't seem to do much thinking for themselves but seem simply to accept what they read in the press or see on TV.[/quote]

In talking about Labour's contention that part asset sales would rob the dividend paid to every Kiwi he again get's into Clark.

[quote]The principal concern is that the Government might lose some income if parts of some state-owned enterprises were sold. As for these enterprises "returning a dividend to every Kiwi", have you ever seen a cent from any of them? Have some of the profits of, for instance, the state electricity providers been returned to consumers?

Not on your life. Miss Clark's "dividend to every Kiwi" is, in fact, a dividend to the Government – and that is a different thing altogether. Because this is a Government that really, really believes it can spend our money better than we can so, as well as holding on to all the profits from its enterprises, it also taxes us unmercifully and robs us blind with other duties and charges.[/quote]

And finally a dig at the Electroal Finance Bill.

[quote]What a relief that is in a nation that has for too long been under the thumb of left-wing ideologues, who would even, if they could get away with it, pass laws to control spending on election advertising to ensure that their policies come under attack as little a possible, leaving the field clear for their own propaganda.

For, you see, there is nothing that terrifies socialist demagogues more than people who think for themselves.[/quote]

Precisely, Mr George, precisely.